The 4th Annual Carlos Raymond Saavedra Golf Outing Results

Beautiful weather, for the 83 golfers who turned out for The 4th Annual Carlos Raymond Saavedra Golf Outing!

This very special event was held on Wednesday, September 24th, 2014 Preakness Valley Golf Course in Totowa, NJ. "Every golfer was a winner today", said Mike Caposella, chairman of the golf committee. With Carlos present to hand out his famed "Halo Hat" for this years event, an additional 100 hats were sent to St. Jude's Hospital in Tennessee.

A banquet dinner was held afterward at the Carriage House in Totowa, with entertainment and slideshow put together to remind us of our mission! A special thanks to Joey Dee for donating his audio & video equipment as well as his time to make this years banquet extra special! Prizes, raffles and Silent Auction were on-going through-out the day and into the evening. (For all the winners and runners-up, see our Golf Outing page, by clicking on the link.)

A special mention regarding one of our original board members of the CRS Foundation, we are so saddened to say that Mike Monticello, who was courageously battling throat cancer, has passed away. Our deepest sympathy and prayers to Mike's family. We'll truly miss you and your inspiration!

Remembering Why We Are Here. . . .

To provide contributions to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis TN where Carlos Raymond was cured, one of the organizations nearest and dearest to our hearts; to provide financial assistance (via : gas cards, grocery store gift cards, restaurant gift cards and other forms of financial assistance as applicable) to support the families of children who are fighting cancer.

Applications for assistance will be available on the foundation's website and the foundation members will review all applications and provide financial assistance as voted upon.

The CRS Executive Board of Directors consists of individuals, who are dedicated to the cause and are willing to actively promote the Foundation.

We will host a variety of fundraising events with the goal to obtain corporate and personal donations. Our main fundraising event will be the Annual Dinner held on/around February 26th each year in honor of Carlos Raymond's birthday. This date is significant to the foundation as his birthday is a reminder each year of his defeat of cancer. Through these efforts we seek to provide financial assistance to as many families as we can through the donations received.

Recipients of CRS Foundation

Alyssa Muder - $500
St. Judes Children Hospital - $11,000
Derek Watson - $2,000
Yarismary Gonzalez - $1,000
Chris Enhelmier - $1,000
Motivational Recovery Environment - $2,500
Ryan Duffy - $1,000. (Deceased)
Pyper Young- $1,000 (10/2014)
Denisse Heraz-$1,000 (11/2014)